National Housing Strategy

22 November 2017
"A game-changer for women and girls in Canada"
A gender-lens on the National Housing Strategy is a step in the right direction says largest provider of housing and shelter for women in Canada
 Toronto, November 22, 2017 – YWCA Canada welcomes today’s National Housing Strategy announcement that includes our ask for 25% of funds to flow directly to projects and services for women, girls and their families.
“Today’s National Housing Strategy announcement is a game-changer for women and girls in Canada,” says Maya Roy, CEO of YWCA Canada. “The inclusion of a gender-lens puts a focus on the very real exclusions and barriers faced by women in accessing safe and affordable housing. Our congratulations to the many women's organizations that have worked for this." 

On November 2nd, over 100 YWCA staff and volunteers from across Canada stormed Parliament Hill to advocate for a gender-lens on the National Housing Strategy. Their message: Women and girls need safe affordable housing and emergency shelter and supportive programs.
Says YWCA Halifax Executive Director, Miia Suokonautio: "While the YWCAs across Canada are excited to see women included in the National Housing Strategy, we are more eager to get to work on solutions. How the strategy looks in communities and cities must continue to be informed by those women with lived experience and the agencies that have had the privilege to walk alongside for decades and centuries.” 

Says YWCA Toronto CEO, Heather McGregor: “We welcome the National Housing Strategy, this is a hopeful first step but we also stress that a feminist approach to policy-making requires a closer look – and response – to the myriad of ways that access to housing and the experiences of homelessness can differ based on gender.”

Women are the majority of survivors fleeing situations of domestic violence, of seniors, of people with disabilities and of Indigenous people without a roof over their heads. Without a door to lock safely behind them, women are at great risk of physical, emotional and psychological harm.
As the only national association providing housing and shelter for women and girls across the country, YWCA Canada is hopeful that today’s announcement will pave the way to safe, affordable housing for women, free from abuse and trauma.

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