YWCA Canada Statement of Solidarity with Muslim Communities in Québec City

30 January 2017
YWCA Canada Statement of Solidarity with Muslim Communities in Québec City
January 30, 2017
On the evening of January 29thle Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec in Sainte-Foy was the target of a terrorist attack that killed six worshipers and wounded others. YWCA Canada is deeply saddened by the killings in Québec City. We offer sincere our condolences to those who lost family members. 
As an organization dedicated to elimination of violence, YWCA Canada condemns religious persecution and racial violence. We stand in solidarity with Muslim communities across Canada. To the Muslim women and girls in the YWCA movement and beyond: you are welcomed and you are valued. To communities from Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya and Yemen: you are welcomed and you are valued.
We stand in solidarity with our sisters at YWCA USA when they “condemn all forms of racism, including xenophobia and anti-immigrant sentiment” and agree that, “an immigration ban, a constructed wall, or other limitations and policies based on an individuals’ nationality or religion, is bad policy and not a reflection of American values.”
We echo the message coined by feminists after the murders at L’École Polytechnique: First mourn, then work for change. Québec and Canada are not exempt from Islamophobia, anti-refugee and anti-immigrant sentiment, anti-Blackness, and xenophobia. Systemic racism is still embedded in policies and in attitudes.
YWCA Canada joins national Muslim organizations calling for action against hate crimes. We urge the Canadian government to continue to speak out in support of Muslim communities, and to keep welcoming refugees from Syria and other Muslim-majority countries with generous spirit.
If you wish to support the families and community in Québec City, donations can be made to the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec through Canada Helps.

- YWCA Canada