No Fixed Address

What is No Fixed Address?
No Fixed Address is a 14 hour Live-In-Your-Car-A-Thon event designed to;
  • Raise awareness on the issue of homelessness
  • Create champions of change to address homelessness
  • Provide homes for individuals and families who experience homelessness
Hidden homelessness exists outside of shelters and transitional housing programs. Those who are hidden homeless may be couch surfing amongst family and friends, sleeping rough on park benches or in cars, or staying in unsafe non-residential buildings.

In Canada, it is estimated that only 20% of people experiencing homelessness use shelters; the remaining 80% are hidden homeless—many of them women and children who aren’t using shelters because of safety concerns.

While people experiencing hidden homelessness use a range of survival strategies to find places to sleep, they all have one thing in common: they have no fixed address. This means more than not having a place of your own; having no fixed address for cheques to be issued to prevents access to programs like Social Assistance.

How will No Fixed Address help the YWCA?
Funds raised will go to YWCA’s Home for All programs, which address the housing needs of the cities' vulnerable families while providing the following supports to them and the community at-large:
  • Essentials - Transportation, childcare, and housing
  • Wellness - Peer support, personal development, and resource navigation
  • Education - Lifeskills, financial literacy, and employability
  • Leadership - Mentorship, volunteerism and recognition
  • Registration Fee $20per individual
  • Individuals commit to raising $100+ 
  • Children & youth accompanying adults are free

The Date
August 25-26, 2017 6pm-8am

In your car at the Centennial Park parking lot.

Register Here: Eventbrite - YW No Fixed Address Tickets