Campaign Cabinet



The TransitionElle Campaign Cabinet:  Jim Lockyer, Sarah Lockyer, Françoise Roy, Kévine Dogmo Tsufack, Gabrielle Roy-Grégoire, Cécile Mallais-Losier, Jessica Guitard, Francis McGuire, Margaret Bacich, Chris Bacich,  Olivia & Abigail Bacich, Courtney Pringle-Carver, & Graham Carver. Emilie Carrier, Lisette Michaud Carrier,  Emma Goobie, Dawn Arnold, Julie McKenna, James McKenna, Darrel Coates, Sophia Roy, Lorrie Bell Hawkins, David Hawkins, Nicole Druckman, Betty Rubin, Joshua & Samuel Haller, & Susan Hicks (absent)


Together, we will lead the way!


Your financial support for this important project will open doors for women and children that were previously closed to them due to poverty and unfortunate life circumstances.  We are tremendously proud of the leadership team of families who have come together to build a foundation for these women and children so they can thrive in our community.  We encourage you to join us in this essential community effort to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and support the visionary work of YWCA Moncton. Cécile Mallais-Losier and Jim Lockyer Co-Chairs  TransitionElle Campaign