Facility Features & Programs

The YW Centre for Women and Children will include the following:

•    Young Mothers Housing Wing, an enriched housing program for vulnerable young mothers, addressing their pre- and post-natal needs while also providing access to education, financial literacy and career development programs;

•    Early Learning and Childcare Centre, providing children with the positive and stable foundation required for a lifetime of learning and success;

•    Women’s Training & Leadership Centre, providing women with the skills, tools and opportunities required to become agents of change and leaders in their own lives and in the community at large;

•    Health & Wellness Centre, providing essential pre- and post-natal care for residents, as well as mental health supports, fitness programs and private consultations with visiting healthcare practitioners;

•    Teaching Kitchen, fostering food literacy and healthy meal preperation for young mothers and children in the Early Learning and Childcare Centre;

•    Youth Empowerment Centre, designed to help young people build positive self-regard and make informed, empowered choices;

•    And More!